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This inaugural app has been designed for children with expressive language delays, more specifically word retrieval difficulties. The app which can be used on both smartphones and tablets, uses games to encourage the development of specific strategies in children who find it difficult to access the wide range of vocabulary they have stored in their little heads. This language development difficulty can impact on fluency, confidence and academic skills, but Let’s Expand ….Vocabulary is here to help!

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App Features


Intelligent technology makes it easy for children to have accessible strategies at their fingertips, and in the forefront of their mind, to retrieve a word they get stuck with.

Parental Control

Parents are able to control the individual activities by setting the difficulty level, Through this, parents are able to monitor the child's progress.

Key Features

Music can be muted and Finn the Bird will explain all the games. Your child will be rewarded with a fun game after 5 answers have been submitted.


You can choose between: American, Northern Irish, British, or a child's voice.


There is a choice of 4 key activities produced to assist word retrieval abilities:

  • Odd One Out
  • Matching Pairs
  • Categorisation
  • Add Another One

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Crafting An Experience For Your Kids

Communication and interaction is at the core of Let's Expand Ltd's ethos.
Our approach is proving successful because we are creating apps that parents and professionals can use to assist communication skills.
Our approach is strategic, hands on, educational, fun and allows you to create impactful experiences for any ability of user in any setting.
If you're looking to enhance speech, language and communication needs look no further and get in touch.