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I have been so delighted with how much my child has developed with Ruth’s help and support. Ruth makes therapy fun for my child and her therapy has been a breath of fresh air! My little boy loves seeing Ruth and she tailors sessions to his interests, which means he’s more likely to engage. I have seen such a difference in him over a period of a year and a half. Ruth has not only provided therapy for my little boy, but she has provided me with a lot of support as we have navigated through the journey of statutory assessment and a diagnosis of developmental language delay. I’m forever grateful for her playful approach to speech therapy and her expert knowledge. Every session has been worth it! Thank you!

We struggled for a long time to find a private speech and language therapist that had availability. Let's Expand worked with us and quickly provided an appointment. Helen is brilliant and within a couple of weeks we were already noticing a difference in our son's speech.

We have found our son has benefitted massively from his speech and language sessions with Molly. The fact the sessions are at our home, allowing our son to be comfortable in his own environment is also a brilliant. Molly is brilliant with Ben and he responds so well to her and he really looks forward to his appointments.

Toby is always happy when he sees her, as the sessions are at home this also puts Toby at ease. Molly uses various games and toys to keep Toby interested, I also learn things along the way that we do with Toby to try and bring his speech on. We are looking forward to continuing our sessions and learning more.

Ruth is an excellent speech and language therapist and the proof of this is that my son loves and looks forward to his weekly sessions. The connection that Ruth has nurtured with my son has not only developed and improved his expressive and receptive language skills but more importantly has greatly enhanced his confidence and self-belief.

Although we have a long road ahead of us, and sometimes as parents we feel defeated by our son's delays, Ruth is great at reassuring us of a brighter future. She is really good at focusing on what CAN be done rather than what CANNOT..